Saturday, July 17, 2010

what a bad idea

listening to colbie caillat: "i won't"
it's easier to burn than build, it's easier to hurt than to heal.

here is a look inside my living quarters, basically adding things each day. i love the way it looks, so homey and reminds me of people i miss.
today was my 11-miler. i was stressing out this week about how to find time in my busy saturday that was quickly approaching as to how i was to get in 83 minutes of running. i knew that if i drove to town and ran then drove back and got ready it would be over a 3 hour adventure (and when you have breakfast at 8 and not going to sleep until 11, getting up at 5 to drive to town isn't exactly the cherry on top). i knew that the whole week was to be exhausting and that friday night was night safari (an incredible game of tag in the pitch dark under the colorado stars, which involves exceeding amounts of sprinting). soooo.....what do i do? get up early and run before saturday even starts after a crazy week of campers and night safari, or do i wait until saturday night when it will only be 90 degrees instead of 97 after a day of chasing kids around, making crafts, hiking the national forest, and having a cookout over a bonfire? yeah, i wish i could say my decision was easier than that, but it wasn't.

instead, i ran from sky corral......a horrible, terrible, most ridiculous idea i have ever had in my life. first, i started running toward the national forest (uphill for 15 minutes) then i turned around (downhill 12 minutes) and i am 27 minutes into my run when i get back to sky corral property and start running toward town. doing the math in my head i realize i have 56 minutes left in my run (28 minutes out and then back). well if you haven't had a chance to visit sky corral, you wouldn't know how agonizing this run is. again, uphill for forever and then downhill and then uphill and then downhill. downhills sound great, but after awhile, your knees begin to hate you. my thighs were burning, my hammys where just screaming.

i got the run done, but i never again will do the 11 mile trek to the base of tip-top and back. never. and that is a promise.

i've been stressed, exhausted, annoyed, hurt, pained, confused, frustrated these last few days yet i'm still joyful in the Lord. i think that is one of the greatest things about having a solid foundation in God. i can be rocked in every aspect of my life, but the one thing that never changes is the love that my savior displays for me and those around me. he never lets me go, he never lets me down, he always is in control of my life. what a blessing!

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