Thursday, July 22, 2010

i love the way you lie

p90x makes me want to punch a wall.

"i guess that's what happens when a tornado meets a volcano"

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  1. I love reading your posts. they somehow have a way of making me feel clean, renee. i guess i could have said that more artfully, but this isn't school. i love you! you inspire me to be a better person because I have been pretty rotten this year. mostly to myself. and that has ricocheted onto others. i watched the movie Rachel Getting Married Tonight, and it made me realize I have my problems the focal point of other people's lives. How selfish of me. I need to let other people live their lives without perpetually fearing for my safety. I've been asking God to keep me safe all night after watching the movie. It unhinges disturbing memories. But I know God will keep me safe. He will. As I like to say, after having attended a Pentecostal service, "Satan: I BIND YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS!" I pray to God for you, Renee. You're doing so many wonderful things. I just feel that you're really growing as a person. Because of your acts, I am going to make an effort of reading the Bible more. I know it will bring me solace whenever I am tempted by the Devil to revert to my destructive ways.

    I love you! And by the way, how is P90X working out for you? Do you highly recommend it? I tried 10 minutes of day and quit. But I'm not a quitter so maybe I'll start it back up again?! Haha.

    Catch ya later.