Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cinnamon rolls the size of your head

today luke, loren, daniel, and i ran down in laporte, CO on La Poudre Trail/Horsetooth Trail along the river. it was so enjoyable. about 2000 ft lower, so i didn't even feel bad. we got in a little over 7 miles. my stomach was not feeling good, probably due to the 5 orange rolls i ate last night while watching Braveheart. HAHA. anyway, i survived and felt good running wise. there was a slight breeze and an over abundance of gnats (extra protein!) after our run we went to vern's to get cinnamon rolls......and these cinnamon rolls are literally the size of your head. ;) BUTTER CINNAMON AND YUMMY GOODNESS. (be jealous)

it has been tough staying motivated, little things are starting to annoy me/hurt my feelings/make me tired. it is a true test to my faith/personality/being. i am finding my daily strength in God, because these jobs that i have to do are draining me, i feel little purpose, and putting my hope in people proves to fail time and time again.

i almost wish i could be a guy at this point (i know that is not the first time i wished this). guys get to play in the mud, work with power tools, crawl under buildings, dig in the dirt, mow grass. this is my kind of work. things that test me physically is my bag! instead, i am cleaning/laundry/cooking. welcome to motherhood? womanhood? ahh, i know i am complaining. really i realize how important my job is here, if i didn't assist ruth and loren things would not get done and then the groups that i just mentioned above would not get to complete their tasks. i just wish doing those things that woman are historically known to do gave me a sense of being/accomplishment/purpose. these last 2 days have been refreshing because i got to paint/help plumb/scrub a grill (at least it was outside and somewhat manly.....who doesn't love grilling bbq chicken baby!?)

today is a day off, i am looking forward to relaxing :) and then again for another awesome week of service! :) LOVE IS ACTION

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