Sunday, May 23, 2010

sky corral

this morning i woke up with the bright colorado sun shinning in my 5am. i was able to fallback asleep until 6:30am and then got up to go run at 7 with lisa. i decided to run on the treadmill this morning because i can tell this altitude is already taking a toll on my body and i didn't want to get too far away and not be able to make it back to the lodge.

treadmills are such a deceiving little tool (convenient i will give you that) because it will tell you you are running 8 min pace, but it feels like you are sprinting like usain bolt. basically, i was running at 10-min mile pace this morning (or at least that is what the tread said) but i felt normal like i was running 7:45ish. i ended up going 30-min (apparently that was 3.05 miles???) and i felt fine when i finally got going. it was when i stopped running that i started having problems. as soon as i stepped off, i got so nauseous i literally had to puke. my head started spinning and i got so cold. i didn't even go that far or fast, but i think i am still getting used to the altitude because sky corral is much higher than colorado springs :X i ended my workout with abs, butt-ups, and PT. what a wonderful way to start sunday!

i met everyone at camp yesterday and they are all so welcoming and seem like hard workers. within the next two weeks will be the big test to see if i will survive this summer. loren, code word will be ......LEMONADE. lol, jk.

today kelly led the church service, literally only about 10 people in this church (if you exclude all 20 of us staff camp members) i love it. it is so laid back, COME AS YOU ARE! in your wranglers, boots, and hat. kelly lead service and he talked about james 1:12-25. it is so ironic that we talked about these verses because i have been sort of going through this myself just in my spare time. i am striving to make God the center of my life and let Him have the lime light in my life as i live to glorify Him. these verses basically talk about how your desires produce actions which can either lead to sin (death) or righteousness (life). you have that decision to make, obey or not to. also, something i have been struggling with lately is that i know the word fairly well and could answer a lot of questions if they presented themselves...however, being a know-er of the word and a do-er of the word are different things. you see, a lot of people know the Word, but what sets those people who live in Christ apart from the world is the willingness to be a do-er of the Word and follow the Godly wisdom spelled out to you in God's breath.

(i used to be a know-er...and never a do-er...why?...quite frankly because being a know-er of the word helped relieve my guilt..but i didn't care about knowing who Christ was. basically, i was a "performance christian" i just wanted to look good on the outside for other people to see, i didn't care what went on inside my hellish, hahahaha YES! God is amazing and i have found so much comfort, care, healing, power, and love that noooo human could ever possess. )

anyway, that was the jest of our lesson today at stove prairie community church at sky corral! i am having a blast thus far. today we went into town for addy's 5th birthday party and went swimming. i have washed dishes, cleaning floors, made beds, run, spent time with horses, and walked around marveling the beautiful creation molded like wax by my Creator! (psalm 97:5)

soli deo gloria

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