Sunday, May 30, 2010

over a week at altitude

it has been almost 2 weeks that i have been at altitude, but just one week since i have been here in bellvue at 8000ft.

running is tough, but thankfully i have awesome people to help keep me motivated....especially my lovely teammate and best friend. i have to run uphill anyway i go, which makes even the days i want to go easy hard.

tomorrow is going to be a really fun day of running....we are getting a huge group together. even though we don't all run the same pace, it is fun to start together. me, lo, luke, jonathan, daniel, lisa, and amanda are all running tomorrow. we are running south which means we have a TON of hills/MOUNTAINS to conquer. YES! (ha, sarcastic) i am going to do strides after i get done with my run. those really help stretch my legs out.

hard to breathe,

P.S. i really miss my roommates SEA ARE and MOREGAIN :( i love you.

here are some pictures of what i have been up to recently

evangelena higman and i-may29,2010

painting the kanicanick cabin ceiling

the veiw i wake to every morning

the higman children, loren, and me
maleah higman and i doing boat races-may 29,2010

loren and i after pwning a run

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