Monday, April 5, 2010

hmmmm......what is going on!?

this week is going to be tough, mentally and physically.
my knee is popping yet again.
the inside of my knee is shredded pain.
my attitude however remains a constant positive.
my strength lies in the promise of Christ, nothing can shake that.
i may be a bit torn in my earthly desires (getting to run vs. not running vs. what am i supposed to do vs. what can i do vs. what is going on here people!?) , but nothing can separete the feelings i hold for my Father in Heaven.

poundage is slowly coming off....maybe. had some pretty bad nights this past week with that issue, but all is well and coming along fine.

james 4:17 and romans 14:23b were shoved in my face as i opened the Word the other day. basically, i know. and i am striving to make ends meet as i try to view myself through Godly lenses and go about my day to day. what are my intenetions in the actions i commit, is it to glorify God? if it is not, then should i really be acting in such a way? this is something that will be on my heart as i deal with current issues.

swollen knee and spinning head,

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  1. I love you so so much! I am really praying for you in lots of ways: physically, spiritually, and emotionally. And I am praying for our friendship! We need to have one of those good talks soon! We should drive to Ole Piss together on Saturday (I'm not racing). You are a beautiful, incredible woman of God and I am so thankful you are in my life!