Thursday, January 7, 2010

running half naked, again

okay so listen up people,

i just want to thank you so much for the prayers. i ran a hair over 3 laps on the track today, running the opposite direction. no pain, i felt a little tightness towards the end of the thrid lap, but it wasn't the pain-pain i had been feeling. it was just tightness.

once again, i can't stress how much i aprreciate your prayers. if it is God's will for me to run again, then i will be out there on the track running fast, prasing him in all i do. so thank you people, thank you so much.

oh an awesome side note, it SNOWED! in mississippi today. yeah, wicked awesome.

i pray that i continue to stay healthy, as well as my other teammates. everyone has come so far, i would never wish any of this ill-fate all any of them. stay strong team, we can over come injuries together.

rejoodle head.

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