Sunday, January 10, 2010

good recruits and a bad leg

i have a new proposition......i wanna be a full-time recruiter. i think it would be the most enjoyablely stressful job of all time, i really do. and i really want to look into this, which fits well considering it has always been a dream of mine to coach, at any level.

we had 7 recruits in this weekend, i will be shocked if they don't all come. wow, i can honestly say that is the most fun i have ever had with recruits. what a great group. 2 sets of twins!! ARE YOU SERIOUS!? and i even managed to recieve 2 new nicknames....remy and bianca. apparently since i am an expert tour guide to starkville/mississippi state...i needed a "tour guide" name, thus bianca was born...personally i see it as more of a stripper name, but it's tots deken brii. (LOLOLOLOL)!

mike, kaite, colby, jay, bobby, nick, and nathan....thanks for the most fun recruit trip ever. loved questin' with y'all through bab-e-q (LOL) country. even though i was put in the most awkward situations i have ever been in in my LIFE.....???? i still enjoyed every every every minute of it. :)

i truely hope you have adventurous recruit trips inthe future because it is important to see all your options, but don't forget your bulldog family. you have a spot on our team and a place in our hearts! GO DOGS!

go to hell ole piss. ♥

P.S.......running is another no-go, sorry for the negativity. leg my is being amputated tomorrow.....great brii.

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