Tuesday, January 26, 2010

bleak outlook looks brighter

.......and now i am getting surgery next thursday.

i am happy,

i have been hanging out with the team alot more. i knew i liked chase on his recruiting visit, what a great friend and teammate! :) (shout-out for you chase, lol)
we are signing an in-season, no-alochol, positive-sort of pact next year as a team. i am really excited about this. :) give me your input if you would want to join....me and chase are in thus far. i think it goes to show your dedication and seriousness to the sport we love. not saying if you drink you are a bad person, but i know i don't need that to be successful, and it sure isn't going to help me all THAT much.



  1. i hate that you have to have surgery, but if it makes you better then PRAISE GOD!!! this is what we have been praying for! i will join in on the pact because i really think i need to fix my alcohol problem so maybe yall can hold me accountable :)
    im gonna miss you so much this weekend! hope you enjoy florida!
    love you bunches!

  2. I think we should include in the pact a provision where we don't eat ANY ice cream (or custard, LOL!). I think that any runner should totally abstain from ice cream, because all of that sugar and satured fat has NO PLACE in the diet of a distance runner. Not even once a month. I think it shows my dedication and seriousness to the sport that I don't eat any ice cream, at all. Not even moderate amounts on the weekend. Because there's totally a correlation between moderate consumption of alcohol or ice cream versus performance. Am I right, or what!