Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hello, my name is renee.

im really starting to feel like me again. oh how i can NOT wait until the summer, where loose ends will somehow be tied and worries will all be gone. my friend brent and i have been talking lately and come to find out that we have alot in common. it is nice to speak with a male-someone, a runner, how understands me and i am not afraid to hide my secrets from. i have nothing to lose with this relationship, so full steam ahead. i meant him last summer in colorado springs. thanks for making me feel special, even when i know i am not (plain white t's reference)

God is teaching me alot lately.

loren is the best person alive.

plans are changing.

running is really not important to me right now, partly, because i CANT, i just CANT.

a smile is "PEAK"ing through

this has been my lifeline since 15 minutes ago....

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  1. im really glad you seem to be doing well! i love you so so much and just cant wait to spend time with you when we get back "home"