Thursday, December 24, 2009

christmas eve.

we should call it christmas adam, because he came before eve. jesus was born! there is hope for all nations. let everyone know that jesus is born, the savior messiah and friend.

i am enjoying christmas coffee and christmas cherry coffee-cake with the family! love it.

i hope to run soon, my butt and quad are really sore, been doing soooooooo much PT, but it is worth it. im worried caused i am not able to do ANY cross-training, so i probably won't be as good as coach wants me to be (or as good as i expect myslf to be) but if ican run, i don't care how fast i am. i just want to be PAIN-FREE for christmas!

♥ renee

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  1. i love the first sentence! ive never thought of it that way lol. i really hope that pt is helping your leg, and maybe all the pt will make you an even stronger runner! still prayin for ya!