Wednesday, October 7, 2009

update #987342

still i don't trust doctors much further than i can throw them. it is true that i think i know everything, yet at the same time i know i haven't been to med school nor have the pre reqs to get in, yet. i have been screwed over by doctors more than one time in my life and in this scenario, it is for the very same reason as last injury. please, just don't listen to ME, the one whose body is hurting, because i can't possibly know anything about everything. well, i guess i WAS right in this situation, again.
however, i am staying positive. i will now have a whole year to dominate the running scene, where i will be much stronger and much faster than i am at this point in time.

i have a stress reaction on my upper tibia, apparently these heal quickly.
i have something else wrong with the nerve in my leg, i can't put any pressure on the ball of my foot or else my leg will give out.
i limp like a cripple, but it's okay, i've finally accepted it.
i don't HAVE to wear the boot, which is a good thing because it doesn't help me walk in the least bit.
but i DO have to use crutches at least till the end of the week.
i get a EMG today on my right leg, which is a nerve conduction test.
then i am going to predict that i'll get an MRI (which, again, i said to do 4 weeks ago when it was FIRST a problem)

so technically here is the thing, instead of being 4 weeks on the upswinging healing process, i am 4 weeks worse and a bad case of "i told you so" negativity.

but then again,
I'mnotadoctor Masterson

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