Thursday, October 1, 2009

greater louisville classic

we are leaving today to run louisville. let me be say louisville, lol-vul or loua-vul, it is NOT louis-ville!

still have alot alot alot of pain in my right leg. alot of pain behind my knee, but i think that is because i have been walking funny and well, obviously running like an idiot. still something to do with my nerves. i got my butt all feeled on today and pressure points released, yeah, i know that sounds all perverse and whatnot, but deal with it, cause i have to deal with the agonizing pain. weee!

i am going to forshadow: i will PR, hopefully 17:2?. however, i won't be disappointed if i don't run 17:2? and run slightly lower than 17:52. that will be fine by me, 17:51 will be gladly taken. its a fast course. i am running about 20-30 seconds faster than last year already. hopefully ill keep it up.

not to b e negative or anything, but if worse comes to worst, i can still redshirt after running this meet.

i am really excited to see my family and friends.

proverbs 1,


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