Wednesday, September 16, 2009

new push-up record

(and that's to beat my old record of 46.)

the guys distance record is 94 set by adam lenz last year. only 40 to go....think i can do it? i cranked out the first 45 no problem, the last 10 were rough. and to think in 8th grade i could do no more than 10 at a time!!!!!!

leg update: its my sciatic nerve (go figure) which runs to my parietal nerve and split into two at the knee. its aggravated with me, so it sends shooting pain all up and down my leg to my butt. awesomeness! but i got some medicine that will hopefully do the job, that and well, i am taking about 3000mg of ibuprofen a that healthy, idk, but it makes me feel good.

i am on a 10-day positive diet where i will try to consume as much positiveness as i possibly can. go positive go!

i was successful this morning,
little running cub-bolt of lightening-the 5th.

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