Saturday, September 19, 2009

mkimbiaji milele na milele

the selfish part of me wanted nothing more than to run the race today and capture my second title as msu invite champion. this would have been the case but my leg is a faggot. however, to miss this meet means nothing compared to what dreams and goals lie ahead. one small sacrifice for the grand finale. ;)

okay, so my leg is about to fall off.
they tell me its my sciatic nerve, but since i hate doctors with a passion (ironically i am becoming a doctor) i don't believe one word.
but what else could it be?
the nerve meds suck, but ibprofen makes the world go round.

anyway, i ran for 45 minutes today. no meet for me but my dogs did well. :) uawa angu wakimiaji jibwa!

putting myself on the chopping block of the SEC everyday,
little running cub

p.s. freshmen, you light up my life. i don't know where i would be without your support. sarah, get well soon, youre going to be a straight up thug soon!

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