Sunday, September 27, 2009

it feels good to trust again

as you readers are probably aware, i don't readily hand out my trust to doctors who have severely screwed me over in the recent past. maybe you do, but that's where we will differ.

today i saw the doctor again. this is the first time i have felt as though i trust his judgement and his words, not 100%, but more than 0%. probably like 75-80%.

my pain is progressing further and further down my leg. now it is at the base of my leg and just above my ankle bone.

he says that it is a good sign that the pain is shifting south, for that is how "nerve" injuries tend to heal. i am getting a shot in my back tomorrow, that should be really awesome.

im still not 100% convinced that it isn't a stress fracture, but i am holding out and praying with patience and diligence. whatever happens, happens.

i am doing everything in my power at this point, the rest is for nature to run its course.

on another note, i straight up annihilated the workout this morning. 4x400's at 82-84, which i did at 80 (just to stretch my legs out) and then 4x5 minutes. for all of the 5-min runs, i was running 17:20-17:00 pace based on how far i ended up each 5-min rep. coach did the calculations. on the last one simmie and i pushed it to the max, we only made it about 1-yd further than the previous rep, but shoot it was much tougher. we were a second faster through the 800 and a second faster through the 1200. overall, it was a killer workout. we did it on the fields though, and since we have had so much rain we were basically trudging through mud for a god 150 meters total. it was tough around the turns, but still rocked.

trying to trust,

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  1. You looked so strong this morning! Wish I could have done the workout with yall. I'm praying for your leg!